10 the Future of Technological Innovation which is able to Save the World

Future technology

Technological innovation is created to simplify people’s lives. Not up there, the actual technology development in line with the needs of an increasingly complex human guys. That’s why some people are creating the technology of the future which is very useful.

Although trivial, some technology here claimed would help many circles in the future. Offered from the Bright Side, the following Wiki love to you know 10 future technological innovation which is able to save the world and mankind.

1. the Spiky, Curtains Bathroom Water Saver

the Spiky, Curtains Bathroom Water Saver

the Spiky, Curtains Bathroom Water Saver | source:

Take a bath is one of the activities that you can do after a long day of activities. Well suited as a means of stress-busting, but you might not aware already lingering bath and even wasteful of water.

Spiky is a technological innovation where use bathroom curtains. How it works Spiky inflate after 4 hours you spent in the bathroom. So a reminder to save water right?

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2. Solar Cooker, Solar Cookers

Solar Cooker, Solar Cookers

Solar Cooker, Solar Cookers | source:

Certainly never thought about whom, how if at any time gas run out? Certainly the variety of activities it is difficult to do, for example, cooking. The Solar Cooker is a great solution for cooking food by using the energy of sunlight.

Solar Cooker made by International Solar Cooker for hard to reach areas of the fuel. This tool resembles the shape of a parabola to focus thermal energy from the Sun to a point to heat the furnace or a frying pan.

3. Seabin, Cleaner Oceans Technology


Seabin | source :

Overall almost 2/3 the Earth’s surface is the area’s waterways included in it is the ocean. Hmm, not aware of the ocean which is the estuary of the various channels in the Mainland brought a lot of waste and garbage guys.

Seabin Project is an innovation that was able to clean up the oceans of trash. Technology developed two surfer Australia works like a filter that filters the water. In addition placed in the Harbour, Seabin can also be used on lakes and rivers too.

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4. Ecocapsule, energy efficient Home


ecocapsule | source:

If you imagine the House of man in the future, probably would like this form. Ecocapsule was developed as a home energy-saving and environment-friendly. Currently Ecocapsule is claimed capable of accommodating up to two adults.

Ecocapsule does have a reasonably compact size and can be moved anywhere. The House of the future was powered by a wind turbine and solar panels on the roof as a source of energy. Don’t need to pay electric bill again, guys.

5. Agar, Organic eco-friendly Plastic

Agar technology

Agar technology | source:

Do you know?, if plastic is becoming the greatest waste generated across the world. Because many food packaging is currently still using plastic. So the future of technological innovation, in order to present it as an environmentally friendly organic plastic.

In order for culinary inspiration from Japan that is commonly made as a sweet food. Organic plastic is made from seaweed fiber, so that when it is not used again was able to easily parsed by nature.

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6. Altered Nozzle, Water-Efficient Faucet

altered technology

Altered: Nozzle | source:

Water is one of the most essential elements in the Earth’s surface. Any sentient life definitely need it, ranging from plants to humans, animals though. Its main solution was doing the savings now.

Altered: the Nozzle is a technological innovation in the form of tap water that is able to conserve water use drastically. There are two modes, i.e. savings of 98% when used to wash hands and 85% savings when filling a glass and so on.

7. PaqSule, hygienic and Smart Bag


paqsule | source:

In the modern era, you need everything practical and versatile easy to use. Including the matter of cleanliness of clothes and shoes that you wear for travelling. Thanks to the technological innovation of the future in the form of this clever bags you can do it with one touch.

PaqSule is a project conceived on Indiegogo be smart bags that is able to make clothes and shoes hygienic back. Simply placed inside the bag and press the button to start the process. In addition these bags already fitted battery power that can be used create a charge smartphones guys.

8. Ooho, the water that can be eaten

ooho technology

ooho technology | source:

Once unimaginable, just how wasteful plastic packaging used in mineral water. To cope with the large number of waste, there are tables of technological innovation that allows the packaging plastic was replaced. Ooho to make edible water and reduce waste.

Ooho are made from materials that can decompose completely environment. Membrane water is made from 100% seaweed. Not up there, the water is packaged in Ooho can be given a color and a flavor tablets. Really sophisticated technological innovation on this one.

9. TertaBIN, Smart trash bin


tertaBIN | source :

The issue of trash does indeed become one of the problems that are threatening the world in the future. So to save him, SOE’s smart trash named TetraBIN. Technological innovation was created Steven Bai from the University of Sydney, guys.

The concept is TetraBIN using sensors that would detect when people enter the trash and then would there be a funny animation shown on screens around the dumpster. The main goal of TetraBIN is to invite people not to dispose of the litter.

10. Homebiogas, a home Fuel Processor


homebiogas | source:

In addition to the issue of waste, the problem of the increasingly scarce fuel were also brought to the attention of the world. Homebiogas is a project that was initiated on the website Kickstarter could produce fuels home-based.

Homebiogas utilizing organic wastes such as leftovers to produce gases that can be used as fuel. In addition to this future technology innovations need sunlight to produce energy also tablets.

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End Of Word

Well that’s 10 future technological innovation which is able to save the world. In addition to aligning innovation above, you also can contribute to protect the nature around you.

What ever you do guys? Yuk share on in the comments field below.

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