23 Coffee Benefits for health and beauty

23 Coffee Benefits for health and beauty

The benefits of coffee turns out to have a number of content of nutrients good for the body, even claimed to be one of the true fighter for cancer. is it true?. Coffee plant seed extract this is processed into coffee powder which we often enjoy. Coffee usually become friends where they have started activities e.g., yesterday. This thick black colored drink, menuguhkan a unique flavour, it’s no wonder more people are favoring the drinks. In Indonesia itself a lot in certain areas, coffee drinks becoming a tradition.

Coffee Benefits For Beauty


In addition to its benefits is good for health, coffee is often used as a medium of beauty treatments. Here’s a few of its benefits.


8. Coffee for face masks


The benefits of coffee is widely used for the manufacture of face masks in the salon-beauty salon. Its use makes the skin toned and lifted the dead skin cells. coffee can be used as an anti-microbial cream for facial cleanser


9. Care of the scalp


According to research caffeine content in coffee making it as loss. Antioxidants herewho play an active role to keep the scalp.


10. Refresh the skin body


Coffee benefits maximize the release of dead skin cells which have an impact on skin rejuvenation, so skin looks always healthy and radiant. Just use coffee-based scrubfor the skin care on a regular basis.


11. The usefulness of coffee for a pedicure and manicure


Aromaterapik the coffee helps clear the black elbow and heel kakai cracked. In addition the coffee turns can also be used to improve the skin‘s firmness and body to help keep premature aging.

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