3 Ways to Treat Cancer, Detect the Symptoms First

3 Ways to Treat Cancer, Detect the Symptoms First

SELIDIKI.COM – Cancer is a chronic disease that continues to be a scourge to world health in Indonesia. Based on data from the Ministry of health of the Republic of Indonesia in 2013, noted the prevalence of cancer in Indonesia have reached 0.14% or 347,792 of the total population.

The number of cancer sufferers in Indonesia expected to skyrocket in the next few years.

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts in 2030 the number of cancer survivors in Indonesia will increase seven times the current amount.

Therefore, it needs the right education for the community in order to be able to detect symptoms of cancer and take proper medical.

Hermatology-Internist Medical Oncology (consultant) MRCCC Siloam Hospitals Clover Dr. Jeffrey b. Southeast said there are a few steps that need to be known to the public for the management of cancer.

He said, detect cancer can be seen on the basis of two types of symptoms, i.e., common symptoms and specific symptoms. Some common symptoms that usually appear is hay fever with body temperature is not too high but lasted long enough.

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In addition, the Agency also usually starts to feel uncomfortable because of the dull ache and headache.

Jeffrey said the Agency also diaphoretic usually excessive and continuous.

Lastly, usually weight can shrink up to 10 without any effort of any diet.

“But it’s all early symptoms, although these symptoms also could have been caused by other diseases, not just cancer. People can also be caused by fever auto immune or infection, “he said.

Meanwhile, special symptoms are usually more predictable according the type of cancer suffered.

For example, breast cancer is usually accompanied by the emergence on the breast. Lump continues to enlarge and become injured.

Another example for bowel cancer for example, specifically a symptom is the shit will be accompanied by blood and a smaller shape resembling a goat like dirt.

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While for cancer liver, symptoms usually just feels like a sharp mag, symptoms, bloating, and begah only.

“While for kidney cancer, the symptoms could be just low back pain. It is the specific symptoms that are defined based on source or a source of kankernya, “he added.

After detecting the type based on the symptoms, Jeffrey says the first step needs to be taken by cancer survivors must ensure in advance the type of cancer he suffered based on test-taking cells from biopsy or tissue kankernya.

“This Biopsy is diagnostic steps that cannot be replaced by any other examination. So, we should never diagnose without any data on biopsy. For example, lung cancer in it’s kind there is some, it must be determined from the biopsy, “he explained.

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Second, after he signed in at the stage of determining the stadium kankernya. Jeffrey says in the most accurate and the most simple is to use the pet scan.

Pet scan facilities already available in some Cancer Hospital in Jakarta.

“Note, however, that pet scan this evaluation did not reach 100 percent, because not all cancers can be evaluated using pet scans. For example, prostate cancer was not able to use pet scans. If not use pet scans there is also the name of a ct scan or MRI. These all need to be undertaken to determine the stadiumnya, “he added.

Third, the next and then determine what therapy is to be taken by the patient. For breast cancer for example, from one to three stadium stadium, what can still be operated on when it will be operating is a good choice.

“Only then we can include also with radiation or chemo therapy, depending on the number one and number second to none,” he added.

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