4 Odd Profession That Arises because of The Internet

Internet profession

Internet presence completely changes the world. Things that cannot be done, such as communicating directly from one hemisphere to the other hemisphere, can now be done.

In fact, internet presence also gave rise to a unique professions that previously did not exist. What’s it?

1. Translator Emoji


emoji ilustration

One of the unique profession that is present because the internet is a translator of emoji aka emoji translator. Is Keith Broni, a man who was the world’s first translator of emoji.

According to the men’s title of Master of Science (MSc) Business Psychology from University College London, emoji are now a communication device that is able to transmit the expression of its users.

In addition, emoji also became a bridge for the communication of the two people are constrained language.

This position he obtained from a job that’s uploaded a few months ago through Today Translations. Broni ever elected among many other candidates applying for this position.

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2. Bug Bounty Hunter

Bug Bounty Hunter

Bug Bounty Hunter

The existence of the internet makes everything accessible online. Not surprisingly, a variety of important data and information stored on the internet. Therefore, the security of a system is a very important thing.

Any company doing a variety of efforts to make the system as well as the pages they remain safe, including making a competition bug bounty.

In this competition, generally hackers are welcome to find security gaps in a system and then report on the company.

Companies usually provide rewards in the form of cash in the amount that is tantalizing. Google for example, Rp 2.6 billion offer for the inventor of the security gaps in Android.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky offers USD 657 million to the inventor of a bug in the program. Then, Apple offers a maximum Rp 2.6 billion in Exchange for the inventor of loopholes in the system.

3. Catching Pokemon

Catching Pokemon

Catching Pokemon

Mobile gaming lovers surely know Pokemon gyms Go. GIM was epidemic in Indonesia some time ago.

GIM technology-based augmented reality (AR) create a website provider of jobs in India, Babajob, open job vacancies The Pokemon Catcher catcher aka Pokemon.

As the name implies, the task of catching Pokemon is a Pokemon monsters catch. Gim is also candidate is required to have extensive knowledge about the world of Pokemon Go.

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4. Spreader Hoax

Spreader Hoax

Spreader Hoax

In addition to the positive impact, the internet is also used by some people for the benefit of the negative way, including divisive with each other.

Recently, the group alias hoax hoax news spreaders and SARA named Saracens successfully detained by police.

Saracens are known to manage more than 800 thousand accounts. They also manage a Facebook account with members of Team Saracens Cyber 135,476 Saracennews account and member with 1,246 members.

No responsibility-responsibility, Saracens also pegged the price of Rp 75-100 million to one proposal of hatred spread its content via social media.

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