4 Steps to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Prevent Cervical Cancer

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cervical cancer is a cancer to the 4 most frequently experienced by women. The who also reveal that cervical cancer has been the cause of death of 270 thousand women in developing countries by the year 2015.

According to the data of the ICO HPV Information Center/2012 Globocan, daily found 26 women died of cervical cancer. This means every hour, found 1-2 women died from the disease. Cervical cancer can be experienced by women anywhere, therefore, you should be wary and do prevention early on. How to prevent cervical cancer?

Is it true I can prevent cervical cancer?

Although including a deadly type of cancer for women, but instead of cervical cancer is a cancer that can be prevented.

Cervical cancer alone attributable to the existence of human viral infection human papillomavirus (HPV) that are not only transmitted through sexual intercourse, but can also be through skin contact to the skin (skin to skin contact).

In fact, before becoming a cervical cancer, this disease will have a stage called the pre-launch stage of cancer. At this time, cervical or uterine neck chain were indeed not yet afflicted by cancer cells, but surrounding tissue has begun to grow in abnormal. If the condition is left untreated, it will easily turn into cervical cancer. This step takes about 10 years or longer to develop into cervical cancer.

When you detected still in pre-launch stage of cancer, then there is a chance to recover and you don’t need to imagine having to do a painful cancer treatments. In fact, the experts stated that pre-trial stages of cancer itself can be addressed in several ways, so the odds of developing cancer of the cervix will be very low.

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How to prevent cervical cancer?

Sure, there are some steps you can do to prevent cervical cancer occur, namely:

1. Perform a Pap Smear test

A Pap smear is the first inspection that can be done to detect cervical cancer. In fact, it’s usually a pap smear can detect pre-cancers that occur in a person. If you’ve ever had sexual intercourse, then the pap smear examination should be done regularly for 3 years.

The test was actually carried out to find out to find out as early as possible or no abnormality of cervical … Abnormal pap smear results quite often this is not the case and make sure Your experience of cancer or cervical cancer. If there are indeed abnormal results, then you will be asked to do further examination.

2. Do HPV DNA test

Similar to a pap smear, HPV DNA tests are also carried out to check the cells of the cervix and see whether there is a viral infection HPV or not. These tests will be conducted when the results of the examination of pap smear is abnormal.

HPV is recommended for examination conducted by women who are married or have already had sex, every 5 years,

3. The HPV vaccine

HPV vaccination is the prevention of early you can do. This vaccine has been shown to prevent the development of the HPV virus infection in the body. In fact, HPV vaccine is safe to be given to children who already have started active reproductive organs. Therefore, this method of prevention can be done by children aged 9-45 years for women and start age of 9-26 years for men.

The who has set the HPV vaccine as primary prevention methods for cervical cancer. Even the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION also recommends to all States in order to do this the HPV vaccine for free and accessible by all its citizens.

4. Prevent pre-cancer

Some things that can be done to prevent pre-cancer is:

  • Avoid things that can cause you to become infected with the virus HPV, such as sexual intercourse that is not secure and does not maintain the cleanliness and health of the vagina.
  • Leave the habit of smoking. For women who are at high risk HPV-infected, smoking increases the risk of the formation of the pre-cancer lesions. Smokers also usually experience a cervical infection are longer and more difficult to be cured than women who do not smoke.
  • Do healthy living patterns, it is always you must do for the sake of maintaining your overall health. Don’t forget to eat healthy foods, such as fruit and vegetables.
  • Keep the weight remains normal.
  • Always use a condom when sexual intercourse.

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