5 Animals That Consumed the Man Turned out to be Toxic

Chicken Wing are toxid

Human ancestors originally only eating plants, grains or beans. New at about 2.5 million years ago, they started eating meat.

Not only because it was, in the evolution of our ancestors, the body was already able to digest meat, they also already have the tools to get it the results of the game.

During the keep and concocted, human ancestors hold animals which can make the body sick or animals who could fight back.

And now, “eat everything”-except for those who have dietary restrictions based on belief or health.

Not only the plants and seeds, people now consume terrestrial animals, the sea, the birds that fly in the air, even the number of beings by our ancestors inconceivable to eat.

Of the many animals that consumed the humans at this time, some of which turned out to contain a deadly poison. The following 5 animals that consumed the poisonous man as summarized The Richest, Thursday (30/11/2017):

1. Puffer Fish

Puffer fish is considered a delicious meal in Japan. However, make no mistake, there is a deadly poison contained in his body.

Animals found mostly along tropical beaches and in rivers in Africa – have small spikes all over their bodies, for protection to avoid prey.

Puffer fish also have the ability to expand like a balloon when they feel they are in danger.

Ikan fugu

The contents of the animal’s body is very toxic so that if someone ate an ounce of the wrong section, they will die with the miserable.

Puffer contains lethal amounts of tetrodotoxin in the organs, especially the liver, ovaries, and eyes.

If ingested, the toxin to its victims will feel numb fingers or numbness on the tongue. This was followed by symptoms of vomiting, shortness of breath, and paralysis on the part of the body.

Death can occur between 4 and 24 hours after consumed it. Some even say, 10 minutes. The drug is not yet known what the potent to ward off death. Puffer fish toxin more deadly than cyanide.

Tetrodotoxin, a poison found in the puffer fish allegedly used to kill the elder half-brother of North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-nam.

2. Quail

Quail Europe makes its nest on the ground. Therefore, they are consuming whatever scattered over the surface of the ground.

Insects, seeds, and fruit is often found in nest of quail jars.

A lot of people who love the quail dish, because it tastes richer than chicken, though the flesh is not too thick.

Grilled quail is reported to be the favorite dish of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom while visiting Bellamy’s Restaurant in London.

Burung Puyuh

However, even a Queen would likewise need to be careful about consuming the quail.

Because, there are three men in Turkey reported killed after eating a grilled quail. Before he died, they experience a number of symptoms, including paralysis and asphyxiation until suffocation suffocation.

Supposedly, they are poisoning hemlock (Conium maculatum)–which became the favorite meal of quail. The poison seeped into suspected that quail meat.

In the days of Ancient Greece, hemlock is often used as a poison to execute death convicts.

One of the most famous victims was the philosopher Greece, Socrates in 399 BCE.

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3. Chicken wings

The chicken becomes a favorite source of protein for many people in the world. Grilled, fried, steamed, braised, sauteed–much the way they prepared for food is delicious.

Rarely realized a lot of people, the size of the current chicken grew, fuelled the drugs.

About 50 years ago, only a quarter of the huge cock that is on the market today. Imagine its size 50 years!

Sayap Ayam

A report released in 2016 concludes, ate parts of chicken wings is an action that is not recommended, especially for women. Part of it is believed to be able to trigger uterine cysts.

According to the House and Family Tips, steroids are used to make chicken so plump and fleshy, which is injected at the wings, could not be destroyed even though it has been cooked.

High concentrations of steroids found in the wings, is believed to be associated with the growth of cysts on the ovaries.

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4. Blood Clams

Blood cockle (Anadara granosa) is a type of clam that is commonly eaten by residents of East Asia and Southeast Asia. Animals that can be found in shallow waters.

Why is it called blood clams, it is because of that sea creatures have haemoglobin in their bodies, just like humans.

Hemoglobin are red when oxidized. There is no connection with the name, which is harmful from the shells of blood is its Habitat.

Kerang Berdarah

Due to the fact that they bury themselves beneath the sand of shallow waters, often blood clams found in the coastal area near the settlement.

Because the coast is usually crowded, the air around the habitat of scallops usually contain blood contains human and animal waste with a total level.

The elements were then entered into the body of blood, shells littering the animals with all sorts of evil elements that can trigger the dysentery and typhoid.

When consumed, in either raw or boiled, the condition element is dirty it will be able to enter back into the human body.

5. Jellyfish

There are about 2,000 species of jellyfish in the world. Most equipped venomous thorn-covered tentacles that could sting–though in spite of the condition of the animal.

In 2006, jellyfish kind of Portuguese man o’ war (Physalia physalis) responsible for 10,000 cases of stings on humans in waters near Australia, according to the Medical Journal of Australia.

Ubur Ubur

On the other hand, the jellyfish is considered to lezt dishes. When serving it in restaurants, the cooks make sure the animals are carefully prepared, with all parts toxic cut off. If not, fatal consequences.

One of the creatures called Irukandji jellyfish, the magnitude of the size of a bean seed or lava much like soybeans, deadly if swallowed up.

He is the most poisonous jellyfish in the world. In the case of heavy, victims can suffer weeks before he died.

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