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The iPhone application store, the App Store, it has many applications with different categories. The presence of this application makes use of the iPhone experience more enjoyable.

The app Store has quite a number of categories of applications such as Books, Business, Education, Entertainment, Food and Drink & Games. Of all the applications, there are some of you guys should have as a user of the iPhone. encapsulates a number of the best iPhone apps on November 2017. For essentials or who need to have time, there are six best applications.

1. Google

Google applications not only can be used by users of Android devices. Google can also be downloaded in the App Store.

This application can be used for things such as finding a restaurant by using voice. Google’s official application allows its users to communicate with their mobile phones. Its function is similar to the Siri, but the application must be linked to a Google account users.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome could be an alternative to Safari. As is known, Apple set Safari as the default Web browser on the iPhone.

Google Chrome offers a variety of features such as Safari bookmark owned. This application can also connect the search history and bookmarks on all devices. Other features include voice search owned and unlimited tabs.

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3. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Not surprisingly, include it in the list of best applications are a must-have iPhone users.

“Applications must be owned by almost everyone. Connect through Facebook to get important information, “wrote Digital Trends. Facebook applications consuming 217 GB of storage space and the iPhone should also have iOS version 8.0 minimum.

4. YouTube

Google has quite a lot of applications that must-have iPhone users. After Google and Chrome, any public YouTube as the best application.

YouTube is a popular video sharing service in the world. Google keeps launched a variety of new features for monthly subscription services including YouTube YouTube Red.

YouTube users can watch videos Red downloaded offline and playback without being bothered by the ads. YouTube new Red available in the United States (U.S), Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea.

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5. Wikipedia Mobile

Wikipedia has finally released an updated version for iOS. The latest version is expected to provide better recommendations for content of interest to users. This application has a feed “Explore”, which features a number of popular articles.

This application requires 22.6 MB of storage and iOS 9.3 above. The same as the version of the web site, Wikipedia for iOS is also available in a variety of languages.

6. Instagram

Instagram rated as the best social networking to photo sharing. This application is not only popular among iPhone users, but also Android.

Applications belonging to this storage space-consuming Facebook iPhone amounting to 76.7 MB. To download it, iPhone users must have at least the iOS version 9.0.

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