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Tips technology today is the use of hidden features in Android Oreo. Yes, the latest operating system from Android does not feel it’s almost entered the age of three months, but it’s probably still a lot of features that the users do not know.

Actually, these features do not completely hidden. It took a little effort to find it. The following five hidden features which exist on Android Oreo, as quoted from the page

1. Application Icon

Application icon usually can be modified using applications from third-party service providers. But not so in Android Oreo. Google has incorporated a replacement icon that is in the application settings.

Here’s How: Change Icon > Setting Shape

2. Automatic Wi-fi

You no longer need to bother turning on and turn on wi-fi. There is a clever feature on Android Oreo can detect a wi-fi connection. This feature is connected with a network of GPS. So, your gadget can be directly connected to a wi-fi connection never connected before without needing to reignite free wi-fi. However, this feature will not be active when You turn off the location markers.

Here’s how: Settings-> Wi-Fi Preferences-> enable “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically”

3. Snooze Notif

A reminder notice sometimes it is indeed annoying. Especially if the constant sound of the notification. Call, e-mail and calendar reminders, Oreo on Android, you can defer the announcement until the time period that you define yourself.

Here’s how: slide the notification that appears to show up an option. Click the clock and set the time notification will reappear. (But, in fact, a more practical set of mobile phone in the “silent” mode).

4. Forced certain applications Stop

Ever felt Your Android phone’s battery quickly runs out when not worn? That’s probably because there are still applications running. Sometimes we are not aware of the application does not close correctly. The result, the application will continue running in the background mode. Lucky, Android Oreo has features that forced the closing of applications that fall into the mode.

Here’s how: Settings-> > Battery – select the application you want to close in background mode

5. Smart storage space

This feature is actually the same as the Storage feature Senses on Windows 10. This feature will delete files which are not important in our device.

Here’s How: Settings-> Storage-> Enable “Smart Storage”.

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