5 Tips to Be a Consistency Person who Always Finish The Job


Consistency has long been honoured as the most important strategic factor in achieving long-term success. Whatever the field, be it physical health, business, art, relationships, and mental health and spiritual, all need consistency. The problem is, although everyone wants success, not all of us capable of applying consistency.

Like it or not, consistency is essential when you want to create change in your life. Similarly, if you want to be a world class professional who can be relied upon. I myself was not perfect, but I managed to apply consistency in some ways, and the result was truly felt.

If you want to improve the quality of your life (in any field), the following five keys that can help you to continue to live and work consistently. Take a good look tip number four because I probably wouldn’t ever say such a thing except this time.

Holding on to the destination

So you can consistently run something in the long run, you have to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, and know why you want it. For example, you will more easily saving when the savings it will you use for something important, such as buying a home or a vacation of a lifetime.

Select things that need to be championed

I want you to choose one thing alone and focus on it. Why? Because as human beings, we have the capacity for willpower and discipline are limited. Some studies show that when you tried to stop smoking, for example, while the same diet you will fail at both.

Select one thing only, make it as a habit, and to strive for success. If you’ve been able to do it consistently, you can add other things.

Schedule your priorities

The late Stephen Covey, author of the best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, saying that this is the greatest secret of consistency. If you want to do things consistently, you have to build your life around it, rather than do it in between other activities. You need to schedule a priority for you, instead of tucking into the priority schedule. The difference is small, but significant.

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Ignore the feeling

I usually never give advice here. But in the matter of developing the consistency, you should be able to ignore the words, “Oh, I’m lazy,” which may appear in your head. When you try to be consistent in anything important — for example, exercising, work of art, meditation, or whatever it is — you are guaranteed will feel like this. I experienced it, every time!

Sometimes there are days where I feel like to work, regardless of how his love for me will work. Never mind the work, I even feel doesn’t want to do anything. But I trained myself to ignore the words in my head, because I am aware of the power and importance of consistent behavior.

If you’ve been consistently going to something for a long time, or you feel that whatever you do that it’s time to end, you can leave it. You may keep the feelings, open up a new sheet, and move on. But if you are still in the process of developing the consistency, and in your heart you know that you have to keep going, you feel abaikanlah.

Catch up

Don’t you feel that if you forget to go to the gym once a day, or didn’t get to paint, that is to say you failed miserably. Not at all. Like riding a horse, fell once in a while that is not why, and most likely you will experience it. Everyone experienced it. But if you spend the time to beat yourself up, your horse will go away and you will not be sat upon him again.

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When you fall, make sure you immediately get up and chase the “horse” of yours. Remember that success does not come from what you do once in a while, but from what you do on a consistent basis.

That’s five secret recipes so that you can live consistently.

Now it’s time you share. What is one idea or strategy that has help you to become more consistent? What works, and what failed? Please tell in the comments field below.

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