5 Tips on Beauty on the Internet It Turns Misleading

5 Tips on Beauty on the Internet It Turns Misleading

There are many beauty tips that you can search the internet with ease. Starting from treating hair, skin, to face. Some are right. However, some are not true alias lie.

In fact, there are a number of beauty tips that are spread on the internet can harm yourself. Such ways can make you a big loss.

Because the mock beauty tips that spread in this virtual world can damage the skin, face to your hair.

As quoted from the page, Wednesday (18/4/2018), following 5 tips on beauty on the internet are misleading:

1. Toothpaste Make Red Lips

One of the most popular tips on the internet is to grease your lips with toothpaste while brushing your teeth.

This method is believed by many people to make his lips look red. This source of information is mostly obtained by many people over the internet.

In fact, if this is done can make damaged your skin lips. Not to mention if you brush your toothpaste with a toothbrush that has a lot of germs.

The bacteria that exist in the toothbrush will actually enter through the crevices of the cracked lips.

2. Nail Polish Remover for Dry Dry Napkin Bottles

Another problem that is often encountered by a woman is when knowing the rest of nail polish (nail polish) in the bottle is still left but many are dry.

A misleading Internet information says you can make it liquid if you add a nail polish remover to the polish bottle.

Apparently, this way is clearly misleading and will damage your nails. Nails will change color to be more yellow and cracked.

3. Suckers to Eliminate Acne

The internet is filled with vacuum cleaner ads inside the pores. This little device is claimed to make your skin clean.

“Now you do not need to spend money to see a doctor, you can simply use this tool,” write the ad.

However, it is not as simple as its use and its effect. This tool can actually cause other effects that make you have to spend a lot of money again.

This device can leave marks on the skin and cause telangiectasia – a chronic condition that causes red lines or spots on the skin.

4. Soda Substitute Scrub Cake

Soda baking is the most popular ingredient to use as a substitute for scrubs. Many people believe if using this material is safe and does not damage the skin.

In fact, in terms of the content of baking soda does not match the condition of human skin in general.

The baking soda has a pH balance of 4.5 whereas the soda content has a pH of 9.

That is why soda can dry the skin. Not only that, its use can cause wrinkles and premature aging.

5. Mayonna Replacement Hair Conditioner

Because of the information on the internet, many women believe that mayonnaise can replace the role of hair conditioner.

Though this way can clearly damage the hair condition. Mayonnaise is a sauce made up of eggs and oil.

Mayonnaise is very fatty and can make hair so much heavier and sticky.

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