7 These Celebrities Profess to Regret Be a Famous Man

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Life does not always bear fruit sweet, sometimes we will feel bitter at the end. Being famous is one sweet thing but have a bitter taste in the end.

As experienced by the celebrities, there is an industry that continues to follow them. This is called with the media industry and they are always hungry for information. The media will continue to follow wherever the celebrities go.

This case is still a major problem for all artists in the world, wherever they go, there is definitely a paparazi who followed.

Balancing personal and professional life is a difficult thing to be worked on by the selebritas. When you are famous, such work to the supermarket shopping and washing clothes no longer feels easy. Love life let alone … it is definitely so “fine dining” most interesting!

Some famous selebritas’ve never hinted about be as if being famous. Some of them even said that they wanted to return to a normal life.

Quoted from The Richest on Friday (1/12/2017), here are seven celebrities are revealing the dark world of glamour:

Daniel Day-Lewis to Craig

daniel craig

Daniel Craig, a figure that is considered right to portray James Bond, spy United Kingdom origin.

1. Daniel Day-Lewis

One of the most prominent artists of all that is on this list, he is Daniel Day-Lewis. Day-Lewis recently announced his resignation from the world of acting, which makes surprised everyone. Despite the fact that Day-Lewis is a mega star, an actor is already clear that he was no longer interested in being famous people.

Day-Lewis even regret to live life social moment in the middle of the popularity. Instead of living in Los Angeles, United States like most actors, Day-Lewis decided to stay in a closed in Ireland. Where no one can bother him. While the acting is an activity that is happy he did, but he was always satisfying himself by making shoes and his hobby of making items from wood.

2. Justin Bieber

Bieber is already many times have problems with paparazi, some of which turned into a rough treatment. In his defense, he says that the paparazi quickly approaching these celebs face and pressed the button.

“At any time. And I felt isolated. You are in hotel rooms where there are fans anywhere (in the vicinity), paparazi follows you everywhere, and getting worse. When you can’t go anywhere or do anything alone, you become depressed, “replied Bieber when asked if he ever felt regret.

3. Daniel Craig

It’s been more than once, the actor Daniel Craig revealed his heart about fame. This James Bond actor noticed how fame turned increasingly worse in 10 years later. Before the invention of mobile phones, fans can not arbitrarily take photos. But now they can do more than that.

“That thing (mobile phone) is a curse for me. I often find people taking photos with my camera phone while I’m eating dinner. I would like to do rude but I could not. They think it’s fine for them to take my photos and I found it very disturbing. But everyone has a mobile phone with camera, how are we to stop him? We can’t, “said the actor.

Megan Fox to Kylie Jenner

Kylie jenner

Kylie jenner (instagram)

4. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is an actress who is very pretty and says clearly that he hates fame. Fox reveals the difficulties that he naturally due to the popularity, and how she often feels like a bully in the world-in online by millions of people.

“I think people will not understand. They think (you) have to be quiet and stop complaining, because you live in a big house and drive a Bentley (car). Then your life must be pretty great. What is not realized by them is, that fame, regardless of Your bad experience while in high school, when you were bullying by 10 children in high school, fame like that, but on a global scale, where you keep bullying by millions of people, “explains Fox.

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5. Kylie Jenner

Kylie is a young selebritas who have spent his life in front of the camera. As a result of the existing studies, grew up in the middle of Fame will impact upon the nature and the mental health of a person.

With the increasing age Jenner, he’s getting ‘ hooked ‘ by appearance alone. The result of this behavior is when he decided to do plastic surgery (many times over), despite his youth.

While Jenner was able to produce a lot of material benefits from his fame, star of the reality TV business woman was once revealed that he often thought about what life would be like (if it is not from a famous family).

“I knew I didn’t want to be famous forever. There will be a time where I feel comfortable, I was in the right place in my life, and I will stop (of Fame), “said Jenner.

Daniel Radcliffe to Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp (Pinterest)

Johnny Depp (Pinterest)

6. Daniel Radcliffe

This Harry Potter actor has said clearly that he did not regret becoming a rich artist. He also reveals his difficult being a child actress who grew up in the middle of the center of attention. This causes the Radcliffe was unable to find her own identity.

His struggle against the popularity of bringing Radcliffe to the difficulty to control the serving of alcoholic beverages. He admitted that he was deeply regretted her decision to become a famous actor at a very young age. But he was pleased with the result now.

Today, Radcliffe is using tactics that funny to avoid yourself from the paparazi. He used the clothes really are the same each go out of the House. This causes the paparazi are unable to sell their photos to publications, and in doing so, Radcliffe get extra privacy.

7. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has acted in the realm of Hollywood for many years. With this achievement, Depp became one of the most famous celebs in the world. Though he spent almost his entire life in the middle of the center of attention, Depp still find it difficult to accept the notoriety gets.

Depp says that popularity, “a little like life as a fugitive. Should all be made his strategy. (How) to get into the hotel, (how) to get out of the hotel, (how) to get into the restaurant, (how) to get out of the restaurant. ”

Although the actor was honored because it has a lot of fans, he hopes to still be acting in the film, without having to be identified (by a lot) while on the road. In the end, Depp just want to have a normal life like us.

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