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SELIDIKI.COM – A business unit of Inc. in Australia began to test their service. This trial appears to be started on Thursday (23/11) afternoon local time. Even though Amazon itself does not convey when the official trials commenced.

Product search field itself has begun to enable automatic type. ” Yes, have started functioning. Australia had a population of digital, ” said retail entrepreneurs listed on Amazon, Third Sigma, Cassidy as quoted Reuters, Thursday (23/11).

Cassidy already selling products to different countries through Amazon says, he has yet to accept orders from consumers in Australia in the first hour when a test booking made. But he realized, this still involves trials limited.

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Many entrepreneurs Australia listed on Amazon. However, their range is still limited because Amazon does not have a warehouse there. Australia already waited long enough until the moment arrived.

The pejual can be very enthusiastic about Amazon’s presence in Australia. But on the other hand, the traditional merchants have to face the pressure of big companies with strong capital.

Shares of the largest electronic retailer Australia, Harvey Norman, down nine percent since last April 17, the day before Amazon’s official presence in Australia. Shares of tissue stores Myer Holdings Ltd. also plunged 39 percent.

” It seems, retailers across Australia were less lucky in business lately, ” said Director of Executive, Harvey Norman, Gerry Harvey. Amazon warehouse building in the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne.

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