Black Friday, Amazon Founder Wealth Translucent Record

black friday jeff bezos

The founder and largest shareholder of the Amazon at the same time the richest man in the world today, Jeff Bezos is increasingly profitable from the day discount shopping Black Friday held this week.

Now, himself became a billionaire who broke the record for having the total treasure that penetrate the US $100 billion or approximately USD 1,350 trillion, assuming a rate of Rp 13.505 per United States dollar.

In doing so, Bezos, 53 years old, became the first billionaire who scored a 12-digit net worth since 1999 after Bill Gates achieved it in that year.

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Quoted from Bloomberg, Saturday (25/11/2017), a wealth of Bezos terdongkrak US $2.4 billion to US $100,3 billion driven by a rise in shares of the online retail of 2% due to optimism sales on black Friday.

On Friday, data from the discount Adobe Analytics States that online purchases through Amazon uphill to 18.4% compared to last year. It encouraged investors to bet that the company will take advantage of online shopping during festive season discounts.

The wealth of Bezos himself recorded rising US $32,6 billion this year round, which makes it as one of the 500 richest people in the world who rise high upon his most Billionaire Bloomberg Index.

For weeks, kekayaanya uphill as much as 5% or appear to stand out on its own. The sale of shares to regular shares rise up it seems the Amazon and benefit himself, one of which to a company engaged in the field of outer space, Blue Origin LLC.

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Bezos’s own wealth achievement much raises questions about what will be done to that billionaire. As is known, Bezos has so far involved new charities on a small scale. Himself recently declared his intention to focus on philanthropy in quite some time.

Things are different with Bill Gates, the world’s second-richest man of his wealth he passed on last October and Warren Buffet, the world’s third richest man a very massive contributions in the activity of charity. The wealth of Gates and Buffet are now located behind Bezos, i.e. each of US $86,8 billion and US $78,9 billion.

According to a Bloomberg Index, net worth Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder should exceed US $150 billion if himself doesn’t share about 700 million shares of Microsoft and US $2.9 billion in cash and assets to charitable activities.

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