11 Drone Types That You May Not Yet Know


SELIDIKI.COM – Surely you already know with the tool called drone instead? If you’ve seen the footage on television with the angle of shooting far above, it is certain that using drones.

Drone is a sophisticated tool that was originally used by the military. Its function is of course to gather related intelligence target data targeted.

Even now there are drones that are not just simply collect data intelligence, but already a combat machine because you can shoot and bomb targets.

Technological developments drones eventually made civil society can taste it. And as it turns out, there are many types or type of drone that is circulating at the moment.

That’s why we will discuss 11 types of drones who may have never known. want to know what? Let’s get started!

1. Quadcopter


This is the kind of civilian drones of the earliest and most popular in the world. This type can be easily found on the market.

The model uses a 4 propeller in a square formation, all of which serves to lift and bend the drone.

Drone four propeller was designed without the head so you can set the direction of the drone as you like.

The average small-sized and often come equipped with a camera that is embedded in the body of the drone.

There are also only provides the holder to put a small camera.

Usually the camera being used had a quality of High Definition (HD) to give a clear and bright images.

This drone use batteries as an energy source. Hence there are rarely capable of quadcopter drone used long.

Just hover 5-10 hours of usage, this should already be down drones for rechargeable batteries.

2. GPS Drone

GPS Drone

As the name implies, this is a drone that is always connected to the GPS signals from satellites.

A distinction, this drone could return to the departure point without the need for us to control.

Drones could return to the starting point when beginning to run out of battery or an external remote control control area.

You must program the drones advance through the computer so that it can be arranged will depart to the area where and get back to the point of his departure.

So you do not have to bother to control it because it runs automatically.

However, in order for the ability capture the GPS signal can run properly, you must use the drones in this weather condition is bright and cloudless.

Thus, the drones have not encountered an obstacle when reading the GPS point is programmed before.

3. RTF Drone

RTF Drone

RTF stands for Ready to Fly. So many of you will not find it difficult to pilot the drone.

Remove from inside the box, charge the battery until it is full, and you can immediately menerbangkannya.

Any drone RTF control is relatively easy, because it is designed for the beginner.

The shape is likely to resemble the quadcopter is small in size so as to make it easier for those just learning to control the drones.

4. Trick Drone

Trick Drone

If you have started to control the RTF drones, now it’s time try this type of trick drone.

This type can not only invited the right-turn or go up and down only.

But it can do a number of tricks like rotating upward and other interesting maneuvers.

The size is not too big, the length is about 26 cm only. It weighs only a few dozen grams.

Equipped with the tools of control which is quite user friendly for beginners in the world of drones.

These drones are generally already come equipped with a small camera. But the quality of his recordings have not HD.

5. Helicopter Drone

Helicopter Drone

If the majority of civilian drones to use four rotor blades, the helicopter drone instead of just using one machine only.

Just like you normally see in a helicopter. The use of a rotor machine thus making this type of drone made it easier to float remains at one point.

Fly a drone is relatively easier than the drones with four blades.

Similarly, when will it down. Moreover, equipped with landing bar at the bottom of the drone are exactly the same with those on the helicopter.

Drones also have the front, so you should be able to ascertain in which direction this drone will move correctly. For speed, the drone is less reliable.

6. Delivery Drone

Delivery Drone

From the name You can guess would’ve been a function of the drone. Yes, the drone is arguably as the trolley to levitate.

He was able to carry a lot of stuff to get to the goal that has been set without going through the streets.

Initially, the drone was designed by Amazon online retail company to deliver goods that are ordered.

A specially designed basket is located at the bottom to hold stuff.

The ability of this drone lifting range 8-13.6 kg in one transport.

More than that, will definitely have trouble flying because burden is too heavy.

Now, delivery drone is also widely utilized the military logistics to send to the hard to reach areas.

Can also be used to send medicines and other essential materials to the areas affected by the disaster.

7. Photography Drone

Photography Drone

If most drones are made for video recording, photography drone designed to take photos.

The size is not too large, but enough to bring a digital camera. Plus a number of protective around the lens in order to be safe from bad weather conditions as well as the dirt fly.

Drones have been designed to be able to float in a stable. Therefore, you can photograph easily without uninterrupted movement of drones.

Always his control tools are equipped with a special button. These buttons are connected with a shutter on a camera that hangs below the drone. Arguably, these keys have the functions as a remote shutter.

Drones is also equipped with wifi so you can see directly the object of a camera lens captured before making it a photo.

You can see objects through screen phones or tablet connected with drone through a wifi network.

8. Racing Drones

Racing Drones

Any drones turned out to be used. Of course the types of drones that can be used is the racing drones.

The shape is designed streamlined but able to withstand wind pressure while on top.

Because it is used for racing, drone is more emphasis on speed.

No wonder this drone can reach speed of 70-80 km/h. Need a machine that is unusual to be able to make the drone can be used in the race.

In order not to clash occurred, each drone ascertained have different signal frequencies.

This becomes an important point because in every race there is definitely some drone flying simultaneously.

9. the Gasoline-Powered Drone

Gasoline drone

Generally, the drone battery as a source of energy. However, it turns out there’s also a drone that rely on petrol (gasoline) to fly.

Drone model is able to last longer than the drones that use batteries.

You just need to add fuel if it will use drones.

For some types, the drone is capable of reaching an altitude of better than battery-powered drones.

However, you must be diligent in checking the condition of the engine, fuel, and oil from the drones. To make sure the drones do not experience a problem when you are above ground level. Do not let the engine drone crashes causing drone crashed from a height of and was destroyed.

10. Nitro-Powered Drone

Nitro-Powered Drone


This drone is somewhat similar to a gasoline-powered drone. The difference is, the fuel used is liquid nitrogen.

This fuel is a mixture of nitromethane and methanol that is enough to be energy for the drones.

With the addition of oxygen into the engine, the drone is able to fly smoothly.

But be careful, this type of drone can be likened to a big lighter because it contains nitrogen.

You should be more calm and keep the drones from possible impact.

The drawback of this drone is the difficulty of getting the required liquid nitrogen. However, durability and flying ability are quite reliable.

11. Endurance Drone

Endurance Drone

If you’ve ever seen a video from a very high place, it’s likely to use an endurance drone.

This drone is designed to fly high, even can reach thousands of meters from the ground.

Not only that, this drone can be used for hours before the battery must be recharged again.

This type is commonly used by the military or other institutions that need to map a large area.

Not just anyone can fly this drone. Because only those who have permission that can fly anything up to 400 feet above the surface.


By knowing the various types of drones that exist today, even some may have never been known before, at least you have a picture of what kind of drone you need.

Includes choosing an initial level drone if you are still learning to control this tool. So, after knowing the different types of drones above, which are you interested in?

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