Famous and Successful, Sunny Girls Generation So Regret?


Sunny, one of the most successful Girls Generation personnel in South Korea, and international. In addition to the idol group member as a Sunny, apparently a nephew of Lee Soo Man, the owners of the agencies hold their current namely SM Entertainment.

As the Sunny life Idol, of course has always been the spotlight, ranging from fashion style, mannerisms to speech. In an interview, Sunny had her life calling is not normal.

The Girls Generation, Sunny lost his freedom, he must be tied to a schedule of events and perform with his colleagues.

In an interview, Sunny had regretted her maybe a little not normal. However, he is also grateful for all that he had, including his life as an artist.

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Sunny tells the story, he debuted at the age of 19 years. Before becoming a personnel Girls Generation, Sunny still must be trainees, run practice dancing or singing, and acting.

“At the age of 19 years, I’ve shared Debuts Girls Generation. Before, I never went to school because of a busy practice as a trainee, “said Sunny, Naver, preached recently.

“A lot of people who say, ‘ but you’re now Girls Generation ‘. Hear the chatter, I tried to think positive. But, I was denied, had regretted with life that I’m living, “Sunny added.

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But now all thoughts were gone. Sunny felt grateful for his life, especially along Girls Generation.

“I wish I could go back when I was 19 years old, I wanted to try to live a normal life like everyone. Live free enjoy adolescence. Now, I am be grateful for everything, “says Sunny.

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