How to get laid on the first night

A reasonable thing if someone wants to first night seemed perfect and unforgettable. However, it should be realized that there are many factors that make such difficult conditions are achieved. But on the other hand, there is a way for the eagerly anticipated moment can be sebahagia and as comfortable as possible.

Many unexpected things and not always fun happening on the first night. The man who originally intend to have sex longer, turned out to have an orgasm earlier. On the other hand, the woman who dreamed of reaching climax is apparently already felt pain at the beginning of penetration. How should lead a intimate relationship for the first time?

Administrative questions and concerns
Behind the fun, each pair must have had a lot of questions and concerns in mind ahead of the first night. But all this anxiety will turn off the feelings of happiness and pleasure during intercourse for the first time. The following are some of the questions that often come up, along with the answer.

Will it be painful?

Women who lead a intimate relationship the first time can feel pain in the vagina. This pain generally caused tearing of the hymen when penetration. The hymen is a layer that covers most or all of the way into the vagina. However, this membrane may already torn unwittingly at the time, such as when they do the sport a little bit extreme.

But the pain is more often caused by anxiety and worry about the rise of the pain itself. This anxiety can actually be reduced if each feel comfortable with each other.

The right foreplay can be the key lubricating secretion from vagina. The activity is a form of foreplay before sexual penetration, such as kissing, hugging, or oral sex. While useful lubricant facilitates penetration. Without lubricant, penetration of the penis will bring pain in the vagina.

On the other hand, men should also penetrate slowly. In addition because of psychological factors, emotional, as well as tearing of the hymen, pain may also be due to the possibility of certain diseases.

Do not exit the Virgin mean no blood?

Some women experience bleeding out of her pussy when intercourse, while most others do not. But it is not related to one’s virginity. Blood is indeed a harbinger of tearing of the hymen. However, as mentioned above, the hymen can be torn off before the first night.

What if couples disappointed?

Worry about body shape which looks not beautifully sometimes make women often like to hide behind a blanket or insist on not turning on lights all fuck. But the taste is not confident this can be a major trigger discomfort and pain when penetration. In addition, distrust of self can affect to the emotional side of the pair.

If I and the couple will reach a climax?

We recommend that you do not need too look forward to reaching orgasm. Besides just will bring load, in fact most women did not reach climax the first time sex. Orgasm within easy reach if the couple has been equally feel comfortable and familiar with body and habits with each other. This takes time.

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