Niantic Prepares Massive Updates on Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Update

Niantic is finally speaking out about the presence of the new feature in Pokemon Go. Developer that promises the United States would release a massive update for Pokemon Go.

As reported Phone Arena, Friday (24/11/2017), this update will be present in a couple of days ahead. Niantic also ensure players do not need to download this update manually and the presence of this update will not interfere with the performance of gim.

Niantic also announced several changes from the Raid mechanism Battle in Pokemon Go. This change is made on the basis of input from the players who had a chance to try out this feature.

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Later, the EX Raid Battles will be more done at the gym are there on the grounds or sponsored location. Players with high level Badge Gym greater opportunity to be invited to play at the EX Raid Battles.

Meanwhile, players who’ve done much fighting Raid Battles likely will be invited in EX Raid Battles.

Players invited to the EX Raid Battle will get notification when the game was canceled. They will also get the Stardust and Premium Raid Passes while EX Raid Battle was off running.

Not only EX Raid Battle, the changes also apply to Raid Battles. One concern is that the players received prize after performing Raid Battle in Pokemon Go.

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