This is The Cause of Decreased Sexual Desire in Women

This is The Cause of Decreased Sexual Desire in Women

SELIDIKI.COM – The gradual decrease in sexual desire or craving to fuck not only experienced by women at the age of menopause alone. However, women with the age-old productive marriage still warm could experience it.

If the problem is left, eventually will culminate the occurrence of conflict and does not cover the possibility will experience frigidity sexual impulse disorder that make women lose enjoyment while performing an intimate relationship.

According to Dr. Nugroho Setiawan MS, SpAnd, Andrology, a specialist who was instrumental in increasing the sexual arousal there are two factors i.e. organic or psychological and physical.

Psychological factors include the experience of sex, the right education, understand how to perform and have an interest in the couple.

Whereas organic factors that influence is a health, fitness and body hormones balanced.

Decrease in sexual desire can be caused by birth and lactation. This occurs because the time on the level of sex hormones in women will decrease.

Hormone imbalance will effect reduced libido.

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In addition, the period of menopause or perimenopause can become problems of reduced sexual desire.

The reason, at this time the vagina becomes drier so it makes the passion reduced to do an intimate relationship.


Basically, communication in sexual intercourse both sides should feel the same satisfaction because it needed enough time, communication and foreplay or warming.

To overcome these problems and try to warm the bed, which had cooled off, should the couple immediately communicate.

If there are things that inhibit immediately sought the roots of the problem it once was recently resolved.

Before you feel problematic should do some checking early to ascertain whether You were born of families that suffer from diabetes, hypertension or heart.

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If one of these diseases upon your body, should immediately be addressed because it certainly will have an effect on body fitness.

How, by applying the pattern of healthy living, look at the nutritional intake in balance, reducing high fatty food sources, regular exercise as much as 2-3 times a week for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Conversely, if the problems encountered due to psychological factors, then it is recommended to resolve the psychological problems go to true.

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