Tracing the Cause of Fractured Penises in Various Countries

Tracing the Cause of Fractured Penises in Various Countries

Penis fracture (fracture of the penis) is more likely to occur during sex. The existence of the movement and position of the wrong sex can make a broken penis.

A broken penis conditions can be a nightmare for both men and couples. Discomfort and soreness will thwart the session of lovemaking with a partner. A broken penis does not only occur during sex, alerts you of the Daily Star, Thursday (23/11/2017).

Some of the terrible events that resulted in a broken penis also analyzed the scientists.

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According to a study published in the journal Reviews in Urology, the cause of most risky penis broken seems to differ between one country with another.

In Japan, men tend to roll over when an erection on bed. Men who live in the Mediterranean area often make mistakes when masturbating, which is squeezing too strong. It is very risky to make a broken penis.

A dangerous sex movement

fractured penis

fractured penis

Another case with men in the United States, men seem more prone to fracture of the penis due to the movement of dangerous sex. The most common habits, that man is too strong when doing penetration.

The penis was not deliberately touching the pubic bone or perineum (the bottom of the pelvis) their partners.

Meanwhile, the man at the Iran report strange and unusual problem of a broken penis. Like falling off the mountain and landed on the rock.

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Another strange case that is reported, for example, squeezing too hard when an erection while wearing tights.

Samantha Evans, a sex expert gives advice with respect to the incidence of penile fracture. “If you experience pain during or after sexual intercourse, you should go to the doctor. This pain lets you know if something is wrong of genital, “advice.

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